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Hunting Adventures

Deerfly Adventures is in the business of Outfitting Adventures to Your Expectations. We set up your hunting and fishing excursions by using the best outfitters and guide services. Our outdoor expeditions are sure to bring you back again and again. Deerfly Adventures is dedicated to preserving the highest of standards and the ethical pursuit of game, while maintaining a focus on preservation of wildlife habitat.

Texas - So much to offer...

At DeerFly Adventures, we have an assortment of South Texas deer hunting operations for you to choose from. High fence or low fence free range, we’ve got the place for you. Corporate groups or small groups specializing in first class, 5 star comforts your sure to find a hunt to fit your every wish. If you’re looking for a quick management hunt for a father son/daughter getaway, or a 200 plus inch trophy of a lifetime, DeerFly Adventures can organize a hunt vacation for you. Packages can start around $3,000 and go up to as much as $40,000. Please feel free to contact us so that we can work to get you exactly what you’re looking for.

Sometimes referred to as “little Africa”, South Texas offers some of the most diverse Exotic hunting in North America. At DeerFly Adventures we can organize an exotic hunt that is sure to rival those in Africa. Species include Kudu, Eland, Gemsbok, Zebra, Sable. Other exotic species include Axis, Fallow, Red Stag, Elk, Buffalo, Nilgai, Black Buck, Audad, Texas Dall, Sika, Scimitar Oryx.    Below are just a few of the examples we offer:

South Texas

80,000 acres just 30mi. South of Uvalde. Low fence. Great deer, bass fishing, Quail, Dove, Turkey etc. Will take up to 5, possibly 6 hunters at a time. Hunt includes meals, lodging, field processing and cold storage. Hunt is ½ day, all day, ½ day. Arrive after lunch, get settled in, go to firing range. Then, head out for the afternoon hunt. Hunt morning and evening of following day, then Morning of the third day. Good thing about this place is, Once you’ve shot your deer, you get to continue shooting bucks to help with the ranch management program. Children of hunter under the age of 12 may hunt with parent and guide at no additional charge. Lodging is great and if you book 4-5 hunters you will have the place all to yourselves. Spacious rooms, premium bar, traditional South TX meals, satellite TV, wireless internet and recreational areas.
“Opportunity Hunt”
$3,250, 1 mature buck up to 135” (Can go to $3,000 if you buy 3 or more “opportunity” hunts.)
“Premium Hunt”
$4,500, 1 mature buck between 135”-145”
“Classic Hunt”
$5,000 + $100 per inch over 145”, 1 mature buck up to 160”, not to exceed 160”

At this particular ranch, the hunting is fantastic, as well as the accommodations. With free range deer scoring from the 150’s to the 180’s and eight with drop tines so far this year!!
Free Range management hunts - $4700.00 for bucks up to 140 can have 9/10 points, the 8's are unlimited in there score which can have splits and kickers. Our outfitter can be flexible on age. An 8 pointer with splits or kickers can score higher than 140 with no extra charge, if the hunter and guide shoot a 6 year old 9 pointer that’s 145, he can live with that, if he/she shoots a 138” 12 pointer, no problem. This type of hunt he can take as many as 12 because it will be 2 x 1 guided so even numbers work best but he can handle 3 or 5 or 7.

Free Range Trophy hunt - $9500.00 unlimited score.

High Fence Hunts $5000.00 hunt fee, this allows a hunter any tined buck up to 140.
Any tined buck up to 159 7/9 $8600.00 this includes the hunt fee, so $3625 trophy fee
Any tined buck up to 169 7/8 $10,000.00 this includes the hunt fee, so $5000.00 trophy fee
Any tined buck up to 179 7/8 $14,375.00 trophy fee of $9375.00
Any tined buck up to 189 7/8 $16,100.00 trophy fee $11,100.00
Any tined buck up to 199 7/8 $18,400.00 trophy fee $13,400.00
Any buck over 200" $20,700.00 trophy fee of $15,700.00
All the hunts above include the following:
4 day 3 nights, a cull buck, doe/does, hogs, predators, one bobcat, one javelina, meals, drinks, open bar, skeet shooting, fishing (if we have it), 1 x 1 guided, game care. Does not include tips, hunting license, or airfare. Lodging is 1st class and they have 1,000’s of acres on which to hunt.



Texas Wildlife

In the San Angelo area, We work with an outfitter that has over 25 years experience in the hunting industry. He has 25,000 acres of free range land to hunt and can also offer some exciting exotic hunts as well. His many years of experience in the guiding industry affords him many repeat customers, so, booking early will allow you the opportunity to hunt with one of the best. He also runs a very successful Mule Deer and Antelope operation in Wyoming.
Trophy Hunt - $4250.00
Includes 1 Trophy buck, 1 doe, feral hogs
Meals, lodging, guides, airport pickup

Management 8 point hunts - $ 2500.00
Includes 1- 8 point buck of choice, 1 doe, feral hogs, Javelina
Meals, Lodging, Guides, Airport pickup.

If you have any questions please give us a call. On these hunts he has
had 100% success last 3 years.

This particular Ranch has roughly 1,500 + acres high fenced. Located 30 minutes south of Uvalde in Maverick Co. They release deer at 3 years old and let them breed and grow from there. Having killed several deer in the high 190’s, they pride themselves in producing pure South Texas bucks. last year hunters harvested numerous “native” deer on the ranch and also harvested 7 deer over 170”. They work hard to grow big deer from the breeder bucks and doe’s they release. They have some really big deer every year, a couple of which, look to be over 200”. They can accommodate 4 guests at a time, but prefer 2-3. Hunts run ½ day, all day, all day, ½ day. For example, in on a Thursday, out on a Sunday. Accommodations are nice, with private 2 bedroom 2 bath split floor plan casitas for hunters, and separate main lodge for eating, sharing stories etc. This ranch can brag and they have the goods to back it up. Last year they became the home of the #1 Texas State record typical Whitetail!!

Management Hunts
up to 139 7/8 = $3,000
140 – 149 7/8 = $4,000
Trophy Hunts:
150 – 159 7/8 = $5,500 + $100 B&C Included (Ex: 155 5/8 = $6,000)
160 – 169 7/8 = $6,500 + $200 B&C Inch (EX 165 5/8 = $7,500)
170 – 179 7/8 = $10,500 + $250 B&C Inch (EX; 175 5/8 = $11, 750)
180 – 189 7/8 = $13,000 + $250 B&C Inch (EX: 185 5/8 = $14,250)
190 – 199 7/8 = $15,500 + 500.00 B&C Inch (EX: 195 5/8 = $18,000)
Anything over 200”, which they may have this year, call for pricing.



First Class Texas

Another ranch we offer prides themselves on being top in its class. If 5 star and first class are what you’re looking for, look no further. This year will be the first year that this ranch is opening to the public. Now is your chance to get a spot at one of South Texas’ finest hunting operations. Should your pursuit be giant Whitetails or Rio Grande turkeys, this ranch has it all. If you are looking for a corporate outing or a family retreat, we can accommodate.

The quail hunting here is second to none. Years of intense management and hard work has given the ranch a leg up on all other quail operations. Wild birds or pen birds, you and your guests will have an amazing adventure. With professional guides and well trained bird dogs, this hunt is perfect for the experienced hunter as well as the novice.
Water is abundant throughout the ranch. For this reason, the turkey and quail populations have benefitted greatly. If you like to turkey hunt, this is one of the best operations anywhere.

With 7,000 acres to hunt, the ranch has free range as well as high fence acreage available. Deer hunting here is truly a South Texas treat. The management has been in place for years, ensuring a diverse age class of deer for harvest. As with any operation, free range hunting….is hunting! There are no guarantees, but here you’ll have as close to a guarantee as you can get. This ranch has harvested deer over 200 inches while at the same time priding itself on having many available opportunities for those looking to “keep it within the budget” and harvest quality management deer. One thing for sure, the staff can work with you to create a package that fits all your needs to a T.

The lodge and conference areas will please the most seasoned traveler. Food here is all cooked and prepared in a state of the art commercial kitchen, by an attentive staff that is eager to please.
7000 acres about 10 miles south of Uvalde. Not much to say, other than it’s a really, really nice place. Great hunting. Deer, dove, turkey, exotics, really good quail, fishing, awesome skeet range for fun between hunts.
Nylan is another one of those great guys that works really hard to make sure you get what you’re after.

Quail Hunts

This area is one of the last places on Earth where native, wild Bobwhite Quail exist in healthy numbers. This area provides the ideal habitat consisting of pods of brush providing cover, and grass meadows where pointers can work the coveys. We have had days of over 50 coveys! Quail hunts include hunting over bird dog pointers, meals, lodging, guide, cold beverages, birds processed and packaged. 2 hunters minimum.
• Special: 3 day package (Cowboy Style) Call to inquire.
• November - February
• Bobwhites & Blue Quail
• 3 Day Hunt
• Meals, lodging, bird cleaning
• Guides & Drivers Provided
• Prices range from $1,000 per day to $2,800 all inclusive

South Texas Dove Hunts

For the Dove wing shooter, the grain fields of milo, corn, sesame, and sunflower that surround the Pearsall, Dilley, Hondo and Uvalde areas hold the largest concentrations of Whitewing and Mourning Doves found in North America (excluding Mexico). The brush provides great nesting cover, and water ponds scattered throughout provide world class pond shoots.
• Package Hunt includes:
• 3 days dove hunting
• Lodging on ranch
• Meals
• Guides
• Bird cleaning
• Transportation
• Skeet shooting
• Prices range from $100 to $1,700 depending on lodging and accommodations

Spring Turkey Hunts

For the Spring Turkey hunter, Texas boasts an increasing population of over 750,000 birds. In 2005, our clients were 95% successful. Rio Grande Turkeys respond well to spring calling for the hunter in search of a Grand Slam of Turkey hunting.
• Package Hunt: March - May
• High Success Rates
• Mature Rio Grande Gobblers
• 3 Day Hunt
• Meals, lodging, bird cleaning
• Guides Included
• Prices range from $800 to $1,900 depending on lodging and # of birds


Belize Hunting ~ Fishing Packages

Ocellated Turkey, Warrie Boar and Deer Hunt:
Five (5) Days/Nights, Professional Guide Service, Ground Transportation and four (4) days (your choice by season) Ocellated Turkey, Warrie Boar, Tropical Whitetail or Brocket Deer Hunting in the Maya Mountains, Pine Ridge and Savannas of Stann Creek, Orange Walk and Belize District.
*One Species Hunt* $2,500 Per Person

Ocellated Turkey, Warrie Boar & Deer “Cast & Blast”:
Seven (7) Days/Nights including Professional Guide Service, Ground and Water Transportation with three (3) days Hunting (your choice by season) Ocellated Turkey, Warrie Boar, Tropical Whitetail or Brocket Deer PLUS three (3) Days Fishing the Barrier Reef and Flats for Tarpon, Bonefish, Permit, Barracuda, Snapper, Grouper, and more.
*One Species Hunt* $3,500 Per Person
Five (5) Day “Cast & Blast”: Three (3) Days Hunting PLUS One (1) day Fishing..................$2,500 Per Person

Warrie & Deer “Safari:
Seven (7) Days/Nights, Ground Transportation, Professional Guide Service and Six (6) Days Hunting and/or your choice of Warrie Boar, Tropical Whitetail or Red Brocket Deer in the Maya Mountains, Pine Ridge and Savannas Belize.
*Two Species Hunt* $3,500 Per Person

Jungle Grand Slam:
Executive Airport Pick-up, Ten (10) Days/Nights, Ground Transportation, Professional Guide Service, Scheduled Meals and Nine (9) Days Hunting Warrie Boar, Tropical Whitetail and Red Brocket Deer, in the Maya Mountains, Pine Ridge and Savannas of Belize. *Three Species Hunt* $5,000 Per Person

Water Buffalo:
Executive Pick-up, Five (5) Days/Nights. Professional Guide Service, Scheduled Meals and Four (4) Days Hunting Water buffalo in the Jungles and Savannas of Belize.
*Special Hunt*
Hunt Fee ………………….…$3,000 Per Person
Trophy Fee for Kill*……$2,500 Per Person (refunded/no kill)
*Shot Animal Considered Killed*

Jungle Buffalo Super Slam:
Executive Pick-up, 13 Days/Nights, Professional Guide Service, Scheduled Meals and 12 Days Hunting for Tropical Whitetail Deer, Red Brocket Deer, White-lipped Peccary, and Water Buffalo in the Jungles and Savannas of Belize.
*Special Hunt*
Hunt Fee..........................$6,500 Per Person
Buffalo Trophy Fee..............$2,500 (refunded/no kill)
Total Jungle Hunt Package: $9,000

Belize Duck Hunting

October 1 Through January 31

Day Duck Special:
Executive Airport Pick-up, Four (4) Days/Nights, Professional Guide Service, Ground and Water Transportation, use of Company Shotguns, Scheduled Meals, with Three (3) Mornings of Great Duck Hunting along the Coastal Marshes of Belize!
Only $2100 Per Person

Five Day “Teals N’ Tarpon” Cast & Blast:
Executive Airport Pick-up, Five (5) Days/Nights, Professional guide Service, Ground and Water Transportation, use of Company Shotguns, Scheduled Meals, with Four (4) Mornings of Great Duck Hunting PLUS 4 Afternoons of Snook and Tarpon Fishing!
Only $2500 Per Person

Seven Day “Teals N’ Tarpon” Cast & Blast:
Executive Airport Pick-up, Seven (7) Days/Nights, Professional Guide Service, Ground and Water Transportation, use of Company Shotguns, Scheduled Meals, with Six (6) Mornings of Great Duck Hunting PLUS 6 Afternoons of Snook and Tarpon Fishing.
Only $3500 Per Person


Our main hunting areas are in the state of Santiago del Estero, Santa Fe, and Chaco. If you like to shoot ducks, perdiz, tinamou, dove and pigeons, these states have proven to be the best.
You will hunt private islands, backwaters, flooded fields and rice plantations where you can shoot as many as twelve different species of ducks not found in North America. You will have the chance to bag White-faced Whistling ducks, Southern Widgeons, Brazil Ducks, Silver, Speckled, Ring Teal, Black Headed Ducks, Rosy-Billed Pouchards, Black Bellied Tree Ducks, Yellow-Billed and White-Cheeked Pintails, just to name a few.
Upon your arrival in Cordoba, a staff member will meet you and assist with clearing customs with your guns, and make the connection to the charter flight which leaves from the same airport. After a short one-hour flight, you will be met at the airport and driven to the lodge roughly 30 minutes away. You should arrive at the lodge shortly after noon—just in time for a shower and a good meal, a nap (time permitting), and a hunt if you want.



Come join us in British Columbia for the "Adventure of a Lifetime"; Wilderness Big Game hunting at its best for Elk, Moose, Whitetail and Mule deer, Mountain Goat, Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep, Black Bear, Grizzly Bear, Cougar and Bobcat. Our Outfitter is located in the Bull River drainage in Southeastern BC.

This corner of British Columbia has often been referred to as "Little Africa" in the hunting world as it is home to more Big Game Species than anywhere else in North America.

In addition to our Big game Hunts we also offer exceptional fishing including Gerard Rainbow Trout, Dolly Varden in the 80-mile Kootenay Lake. Currently anglers are landing record size Gerard rainbow ranging in size from 5 to 25 lbs, plus Dolly Varden up to 16 lbs. We have all the necessary equipment to ensure your enjoyment and success.
With a newly constructed lodge you’ll find all the amenities of home. From comfortable sleeping to home cooked meals. Our outfitter takes care to see that all your needs are met. This is a great family trip that the wife and kids can go along on as well. There are plenty of things to do around the lodge, besides relaxing and enjoying a hunting vacation! You wont be disappointed.



New Zealand

Renowned as a hunter’s paradise where some of the best prize trophies in the world can be taken. Specializing in hunting New Zealand Red Stags and New Zealand Fallow Deer. Small game hunts are also plentiful and have become a superb part of the hunting experience.

Package Hunts
Silver Red Stag (3-Day Hunt) $6,000 US

Silver Red Stag & Choice Chamois or Fallow Deer (5 day hunt)   $9,500 US
Silver Red Stag & Tahr (5-Day Hunt)    $10,500 US
Silver Red Stag, Tahr & Chamois (5-Day Hunt)   $13,500 US
All Silver Red Stag Scoring up to 349 SCI

Upgrade Package Hunts
Gold Stag (up to 370 SCI) Add $2,500
Elk (up to 325 SCI) Add $3,500
1X1 Guide/Hunter Add $125 day

Package Hunts Include
• All meals and lodging
• Pick-up and drop off at Christchurch airport
• Guide Service
• Room & board, guide fees, transportation and NZ GST 12.5% tax on these services
• Helicopter charge (up to 2 hours)
• Trophy preparation • License, tags & trophy fees

Not Included:
Gun license ($25 NZ)
Taxidermy, crating and export charges of trophies
Gratuity (optional)
A non-refundable deposit is due upon booking. Prices are subject to change.

Trophy Fees

Red Stag $1500 US
Management/Free Range $3500 US
Silver (300-319 SCI) $5500 US
Silver Plus (320-349 SCI) $8000 US
Gold (350-369 SCI) P.O.A.
Gold Plus (370+ SCI)

Bronze (325 SCI or less)  $3500 US
Silver (326-340 SCI)   $5500 US
Silver Plus (341-365 SCI)  $8000 US
Gold (366+ SCI) P.O.A
Tahr  $4900 US
Chamois  $3750 US
Fallow Stag  $3750 US
Arapawa Ram  $950 US
Wild Pig  $950 US
Feral Goat $950 US
Turkey  $150 US

Day Rates

1 Hunter / 1 Guide   $450 day/US
2 Hunter / 1 Guide   $350 day/US
Non-Hunter   $250 day/US
Trout Fishing   $550 day/US
Bird Shooting   $550 day/US
Gun Rental (Includes Ammunition)   $150 day/US

Scotland Red Stag Hunt 2011

Dates Oct 1 - Oct 8 2011


• Saturday October 1- Evening depart for Scotland

• Sunday October 2- A.M. arrival Glasgow Scotland, p/u by estate staff and driven to estate, get settled in, relax, enjoy

• Monday October 3- Hunting, non-hunters, sightseeing/relaxing

• Tuesday October 4- Hunting, non-hunters, sightseeing/relaxing

• Wednesday October 5- Hunting , non-hunters sightseeing/relaxing

• Thursday October 6- Possible hunt for anyone that has not harvested an animal then pack, load up and head to Edinburgh, arrive relax and enjoy

Hunting Costs
$1,270 Roe Buck
$1,740 Up to point 11 point Red Stag
$2,680 Over 11 point, up to European Bronze Standard Red Stag
$3,860 Over European Bronze Standard Red Stag

Accommodation Costs
$1,100 Hunter
$1,190 Non-Hunter

The above prices include 4 nights, all meals and lodging during your stay at the estate
$600 3 nights hotel, downtown Edinburgh, double occupancy
Airfare Estimate: $800-$900

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